• Can I have blinds in every room of my house?

    Yes, we can design blinds for every room in your house. Depending on the room we can pick materials that match theme and privacy needs. Moisture prone areas, like bathrooms, for instance, can have water resistent, PVC and wooden blinds.

  • Is there a minimum / maximum size on your blinds?

    No, there isn’t. The largest blind we made was for a hotel room,
    measuring 14 feet by seven feet. The smallest, was for a bedroom window, measuring 2 feet by one foot.

  • Can I choose the fabric that goes into my blinds?

    Yes, you may . You're free to choose any material, fabric and construction option; and we will advise you on logical choices and sensible combinations, in terms of materials and finishes.

  • I’m on a low budget – is there a low cost blind for me?

    We have a wide price band on our blinds and I’m sure many of our options will fit into your “low budget” that you mention. Take a look at our range and there’s bound to be a set that’s just right for you.

  • Can I pick up something off-the-shelf?

    Yes you may, we have large range of off-the-shelf options you can choose from.

  • I’m an interior designer – how will you work with me?

    We love working with interior designers, because they bring in
    a design freshness that’s useful. We can work with you at the early
    stages of your project, because it is useful to be part of the thinking
    process. We will then work closely with you to design according to
    your visual themes and the budgets that you have allocated to blinds.

  • Do you design blinds for work environments?

    Good question. We don’t just do blinds for homes. Our client portfolio includes homes, guest houses, serviced apartments, hotels, restaurants, retail environments, offices and IT parks. We have dedicated work teams for specific end-applications; so if we’re working on blinds for your office, we’ll assign a team that has work experience in office environments.